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Why Buy A New Home?


New or Used - Which is Better? There are many reasons why there is more value found in buying a new home as compared to buying a used home. Here are ten reasons:

1. CUSTOMIZATION: With a new home, you have the choice to pick and choose your home to reflect your style.

2. DESIGN: New home designs tend to be more functional and complimentary to today's family and busy lifestyle.

3. LESS MAINTENANCE: New homes have new mechanical systems, like HVAC and plumbing. Typically these systems don't require extensive maintenance for several years.

4. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Newly build homes are typically more energy efficient than many older homes. New energy codes require standards to be set on energy efficiency.

5. NEW BUILDING CODES: Many building practices that were once acceptable in the construction of older homes are now not acceptable. We build to state enforced codes and undergo rigid inspections processes.

6. WARRANTY: All of our new homes carry a one year builder's warranty - which means you have one year to address any warrantable issues that may airse with your new home. In addition, we also provide a 2-10 Homebuyer's Warranty, which covers systems for two years and the structure of your home for ten.

7. EASY MOVE-IN: Move-in day is much simpler for new home purchasers than for used home buyers. No delays because of clean-up or repair issues. With a new home, you have possession the same day your loan closes.

8. EMOTIONAL FACTOR: Being the first to live in your home free of any traces of past residents and knowing that your home is yours and yours alone.

9. HEALTHIER: For buyers with allergies, a new home can improve your health. A lot of people have allergies to pets, so a new home would be pet-allergy free!

10. EQUITY: A new home buyer gets all the first time equity, which can equal to thousands of dollars. New home buyers are gaining equity while their home is being built.....before even making the first mortgage payment.